Deborah Gaslow 300Born in New Hampshire, from a family of 8, my siblings and I lived in a run down 2 bedroom home with abusive and neglectful parents. At the age of 12 I was removed from my home and placed in the foster care system. After being bounced around from homes, detention centers and ending back at my natural parents home; I left at the age of 16 to make it on my own. I passed a GED, put myself through college working full time days and attending classes full time at night to receive a BS in Accounting, and had a successful career in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry.

Married at the age of 27 and gave birth to twins, (boy & girl), who are now 27. After a divorce, I raised them on my own from the age of 3. They are now living in New England with successful careers.

In 2003 I moved to NYC to start a business. I met and married my current husband, Larry Gaslow 8 years later in 2011. In NYC I was very active with The New York Foundling, a foster care facility with 9 locations, helping to raise funds to send children to summer camp! I was also a volunteer at St. James soup kitchen, helping to prepare a hot meal and serve over 100 homeless people a week.

When Larry and I moved to Boca in 2013 I wanted to get involved with an organization that helps children in crisis and found A Place of Hope! Being in the foster care system as a child myself, I have great compassion for our kids and young adults who need a helping hand.

I have always been super grateful for any and all opportunities that come my way, and volunteering my time and energy to these children at A Place of Hope is a gift for me!

I have the opportunity to work along side an amazing team of women that I love and respect!

Place of Hope