Human Trafficking Luncheon






Patterson McDulin

Tuesday, January 28

St. Lucy Catholic Church

11:00 AM - 1:00PM

Featuring Keynote Speaker

Liza Smoker, Esq.

Managing Director Human Trafficking Academy

St. Thomas School of Law


With professional experience in law and government including a decade as a private practice attorney, Liza Smoker transitioned her career to fight all forms of human exploitation through education, law and policy.  She is passionate about bringing all stakeholders, disciplines, and political parties together to develop substantive solutions to difficult problems. Liza was selected as one of the 2019 Presidential Leadership Scholars (only 60 selected in the country). Scholars were selected based on their leadership growth potential and their personal leadership projects aimed at improving civic engagement or social good by addressing a problem or need in their community, the country or the world.


Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus is pleased to honor Liza Smoker with our Inaugural Illumination Award.

Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus is hosting our Second Annual Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Luncheon. The luncheon will take place on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at St. Lucy Catholic Church.

Foster kids and homeless youth are not the only population vulnerable to human trafficking. Human trafficking can happen to anyone. The kids in our own community are at-risk of being trafficked as well. In an effort to educate everyone on this growing issue and prevent more children from becoming victims, we provide prevention and education services.

Our goal is for the proceeds of this annual luncheon to benefit our growing program. Your support of the Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Program will allow us to provide the following services:

Invisible Screenings—Place of Hope recently launched Invisible, A Fight to End Human Trafficking. It is a documentary exposing the epidemic of human trafficking that is happening right here in our own backyard.

Prevention Trainings—Place of Hope provides prevention education to community, corporate, civic and religious groups. These trainings educate attendees on what human trafficking is, how it is impacting our community, what to look for and how to help.

 Prevention and Education Groups—Place of Hope implements education groups for at-risk youth with the goal of making it harder for traffickers to target them.

 Hope Campaign—Place of Hope operates a monthly community outreach where volunteers visit local hotels to distribute missing children flyers and increase access to the national hotline. Tips received during the outreach of missing children are then passed on to law enforcement.

In order for us to achieve our goal, we ask for your consideration in sponsoring and participating in the Second Annual Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Luncheon. Please take a moment to review the attached sponsorship levels.

Thank you for your consideration and support! Your involvement makes it possible for Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus to continue this critically needed program.

Place of Hope