Dorson's Story

After his mom lost her job, Dorson was living on the streets. Trying to stay together as a family, he, along with his brother and mother, constantly moved back and forth between hotels, abandoned buildings and family’s homes. With nowhere to turn and no income, they found themselves rummaging for food in dumpsters behind restaurants. Even though Dorson endured such hard circumstances, he never lost hope that someday things would be different. At twelve years old, Dorson and his brother were brought into the care of Place of Hope. Going from the streets to a traditional family home setting was a hard adjustment. Dorson was not used to having stability or accountability. His cottage parents loved on him each day and encouraged him in school, sports and daily activities. They allowed him to experience the joy of being a kid while teaching him life-skills such as hygiene and finances. Since graduating, Dorson has won numerous track meets and has made his way to Nationals. Dorson plans to attend college in Kansas on a full scholarship for track. He hopes to build a future that is not defined by his past – a future that will give him and his family continued stability. Watch his Story of Hope here.

Place of Hope