Mario's Story

“Before I arrived at Place of Hope I was frequently moved from foster home to foster home. Place of Hope provided me the stability needed in a child’s life. I arrived at Place of Hope when I was seven years old and stayed until I was fifteen. During my nearly nine year stay at Place of Hope, I was provided a loving home; they were always there for me and looked out for my best interests. I will never forget the cottage parents that were there to help me grow for so many years. Place of Hope shaped me into who I am today. As a child I always admired public servants, such as police officers, fire fighters and the Armed Forces. I am proud to say that Place of Hope was single-handedly responsible for my mindset to be successful and progress through life as a productive citizen. I now work for the Department of Defense and proudly wear the uniform of The United States Army. I spent nine months overseas and am now a Soldier of the 101st Airborne Division and work for an Air Assault centered Field Artillery Battalion. As I look into the future, I realize that Place of Hope left such a large footprint in my life that I feel that God is calling me to return to Florida and give back to children in the same manner that Place of Hope did for me. I truly thank the people who supported and loved me during my time of need.”

Place of Hope