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“My younger brother and I were removed from our home when I was eight years old. For several years we bounced around between shelters and relatives’ homes. Finally when I was 12 years old we were brought to live at Place of Hope. It was a difficult adjustment for me as I was not used to having rules and structure. Looking back now, I know that Place of Hope and my cottage parents, Jenni and Travis, were the best thing for me. I learned discipline and responsibility. I am so thankful that they did not give up on me. In high school I attended Jupiter Christian where I played basketball, football and lacrosse. I befriended a kid on my football team and through a crazy series of events, his family ended up adopting my brother and I. There had been other families interested in adopting us before but it never felt right. I just knew from the beginning that this was right and that the Cannons would be my forever family. I am currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University where I am studying Business Management. Through my time at Place of Hope and with my forever family, I have experienced the value of family. More than having a successful career, my main goal in life is to be a great dad. I am so thankful that God brought me to Place of Hope and the most loving family anyone could ask for.”

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