“Together, we took a leap of faith and decided it was our responsibility to share our life experiences. Being able to provide the opportunity for a foster child to learn and grow from experiencing things they never would have otherwise is a gift to us.” – Jerry & Kristen Boivin

“We truly feel called to support the children and their families and love being there when they need us most. Through this fostering journey, we have learned how to rely on God and His plan more than ever before and that is such a blessing.” – Kayla & Steve Spear

“We foster because we realize we are blessed…blessed with finances, blessed with space, blessed with the spiritual gift of hospitality, and blessed with love for displaced children.”  Delvin and Day Scott

“We love fostering because it gives our family a chance to pour out the love God has so abundantly given us” – Joshua & Amy Wragg

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Place of Hope