We offer a full continuum of care for those in need with programs and services specializing in: family outreach and intervention, maternity care, human trafficking education and prevention for the community, recovery for victims of domestic minor sex and labor trafficking, affordable transitional housing and supportive services for young adults, housing and support for homeless families, foster care recruitment, hope and healing opportunities for children, youth and families throughout our region.


Through faith, our family model approach, and committed service, we are dedicated to providing stable, loving, and nurturing environments and support for foster children while in state custody, following family reunification, pre-adoptive placement, and post-emancipation from care. We strive to foster and support healthy and productive lives, free of fear, endangerment, and most of all abuse. Children and families can find dignity, guidance, and hope through various programs and efforts at Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus – Placing Hope in a Child’s Future.


With regard to children entrusted to our care and their families, we strive to foster hope rather than despair, potential rather than limitations, healing rather than hurting, belonging rather than isolation, and what the future can be, rather than what the past has been.


Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus is dedicated to providing a stable and loving family environment for hurting children and their families. We are committed to meeting desperate needs in our community by sharing God’s love and placing hope in their lives – one child and family at a time.

“Seek justice; encourage the oppressed; defend the cause of the fatherless…” — Isaiah 1:17
Place of Hope